The Blues. For some, there is no need to say anything more. If you're intrigued, these Photographs are for you!

Documentary photography of The Blues began in 2001 by myself, Trishann Couvillion. And within weeks of shooting at a little Blues joint downtown San Francisco, I had the chance to experience a night when Otis Taylor was there to play, acoustic style. After taking just a few photographs, I found that my camera went directly down onto my lap and I closed my eyes, listened to his voice, his haunting lyrics and the rhythm of his guitar and deeply, profoundly and immediately fell in love. That moment began the journey that has been my fascination with the Blues, photographically and otherwise.

Trishann Couvillion & Charlie Musselwhite in San Francisco, CA 2008

Blues music photography has been a way for me to open up my approach in how I make photographs. Up until photographing the blues, I only made images using b&w film, most of which I would develop myself and then I would take those negatives into the darkroom to make my own b&w photographic prints. Those first few weeks spent photographing the blues were also on b&w film. And yet something was missing. Finally through class critique and conversations with my mentor, it was called to my attention that blue is a Color. Therefore The Blues had to be shown in the light of color. For the first time as a photographer I began to use color film with intention. Thus began my true Documentation of The Blues.

In the beginning was 'Crazy Blues'..and it was good! At the time there could have been no full understanding of what an impact recordings of The Blues would make on American Culture. A deep, soulful, unrelenting culture of its own within the hearts of many. the legends, the oral history, the mystic and the rhythm of The Blues has been a legacy for many blues musicians and it continues to haunt the strings and lyrics of so many songs today. From Bessie Smith, Robert Johnson, Howlin' Wolf, 'Honeyboy' Edwards, Son House, Bonnie Raitt, B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Otis Taylor, Keb' Mo' and literally so many others, the Blues tells not just a story, but many stories of our raw, honest life experiences, and there in lies the essence of why it is so important. From the smallest juke joints throughout the Mississippi Delta where local musicans sing the Blues to all the national and international blues festivals to cities which have become destinations that are now known for the Blues, to the concerts of those few musicians who have achieved great commercial success, the Blues is relatively young, yet deeply imbedded and fully alive within our worlds culture.